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Loren J. Foged CPA can help with all types of tax issues for clients in the Omaha, NE area. Taxes are highly regulated by all levels of governmental entities. Local taxes might be handled by County Assessor offices. State taxes may be handled by the Department of Revenue and/or Labor & Relations Board. Of course, everyone is familiar with the federal government's regulatory agency—the IRS. I know how to efficiently comply with all rules, regulations, briefings, and laws.

As a CPA, my licensure requires continuing education classes. Taxes are a common topic. As most people know, the tax laws are constantly changing. Laws are written in a way that confuses the general public; this confusion can easily result in over payment. That is when hiring a CPA comes in handy. I make certain that every tax break, tax credit, exemption, capital gain or loss, and expense is used to my client's advantage.

I have saved clients hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in taxes. I do this by making certain that payments are made in the manner required by law. Many clients do not realize that paying taxes by check can result in fines and penalties. I know what each governmental entity requires, and I ensure that all requirements are met. I do this with ease!

I work with payroll taxes, which includes unemployment insurance contributions, employee with holdings such as Social Security, federal and state income taxes, Medicare, and incidental taxes. I can handle employee deductions such as child support, garnishments, and health insurance.

You can trust me with your personal and real property taxes as well. I can calculate amounts, fill out needed tax returns, attach payments, and make sure that forms are submitted to the proper tax entity.

At Loren J. Foged CPA, I love helping clients in the Omaha, NE area with their taxes. Pick up the phone and call me!

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